Chase your passion!

So lately I have had people reach out to me. I get a text, or a private message on Facebook, whatever means of communication they use the most. I have read so many messages that tell me, “thank you”. I am once again reminded of why I do what I do, and that I’m not just in this for me. I have fans. Huh? Fans? Like, that sounds kind of self-centered, and LAME. Hush Brittany.. You cray. Right? NOOOOO.

So let me break it down for you. Even when you think people aren’t paying attention, THEY ARE. They are watching you, and studying you, and learning from you. They may be envious of you, they may HATE you, but for some reason, they are still attracted to you. Maybe it’s your vibe, maybe it’s your personality, maybe they just wonder how you live life, and want to get some pointers from you.

So, I owe a thanks to the people who inspired me to write today. In the past two weeks I have gotten at least three FB messages about how I am inspiring someone. Maybe you want to start a business, maybe you want to leave a job, or maybe you just need an extra push to make it through the week. Somewhere along the way I gave a push, or an inspiration to these ladies who have sent me a message, which by the way I LOVE. Like, seriously… I am just over here selling clothes, building a brand, and trying to keep your closet fresh. Sometimes I get caught up, and frustrated, and forget that people are looking. BUT these friendly and loving reminders reel me back in, and keep me focused. It’s kind of like having kids.. You can lose your shit now and then, but get it back together, and fix it, like an adult. The kids are always watching, and lately I’ve been reminded of how close. My youngest sometimes repeats what I say, and it’s not always a good thing.

Most recently, this morning to be exact, I woke up to a message that said, “May I ask you a personal question? Did you just KNOW that something you had worked for forever, was no longer IT”? I read the question twice, and then asked for just a little clarification. I asked because I thought the answer was yes, but I wasn’t exactly sure the aspect of it. Basically this person went onto say they were recently offered a job, which would have been considered a dream job at one time, but they turned it down. Basically because it seemed more like a hassle then a dream come true, and how did I know it was time to walk away from what I knew, and loved, and pursue something else? I thought about this for a few seconds and started to respond quickly. The answer came easy to me. We are all chasing a dream, or a passion, right? I mean even if you are a stay at home mom, you still aspire to raise polite, smart, and strong willed children who you hope will always remember wrong from right, and instill other great qualities in them. We know as parents they won’t understand the lessons until later in life. Or, maybe you’re chasing that leadership position at your current job. Or maybe you just want to get to the next raise to be comfortable financially. Then the day comes, you achieve that goal. THEN WHAT? Are you done? Does it all stop? Or, do you keep going? What happens on the day you wake up, and that passion is gone? The passion for the only thing you have ever known in life, and worked so hard for, is suddenly not there anymore. 

You. Move. On.

Loud, and clear! There is something else waiting for you. There is so much more to come!

I think some people chuckle when they think of me selling clothes, running a boutique, and pushing forward each day with this crazy idea. These people have known me forever, and they have seen the many faces of Brittany. That inspires me more! We have all tried to do the pyramid methods of direct sales, we all want to make an extra buck, and earn free vaca’s, but at what expense?

I literally don’t know what to say sometimes when people stop and thank me for making them feel good, or reminding them they are beautiful. It’s like a dream most of the time, is this real?

So what are we all afraid of? Failure. Stepping out of our normal, and what we know, and what we know how to do, and that we are good at it. If I am good at something, why would I stop doing that? Well, do you love what you are doing? Or is it a routine that you know like the back of your hand? Do yourself a favor if you are struggling with this right now, grab a make-up remover wipe, and wipe that routine off the back of your hand. She gone- Why would you spend another minute of your life wondering “what if”? Shall I remind you we only get one life, and father time isn’t on our side? Should I remind you that only YOU know what can make you happy?

Step out of your comfort zone. Just because you know how to do something really well, doesn’t mean you can’t be really good at something else too.

I am humbled, as I try to say often, and remind myself to “be humble” that some of you look up to me, and that somewhere along the line I have inspired you. I promise I didn’t get here on the easy path to success, and honestly, am I done? Nowhere close. Mindset has been a really difficult thing for me to work on. I have been working super hard behind the scenes of the boutique to be positive, to find the good, and to try to make someone’s day with even a simple post with words of encouragement. I don’t want anyone to see an alert for the boutiques VIP page, and think.. Oh Britt just posted something she’s trying to sell again. In most cases, yes that’s what’s happening- but I don’t want you to miss a new arrival either, ha! I make an honest effort to post some words of encouragement for you all a few times a week as well, with no strings attached. We never know who is truly struggling, or having a bad day. Some people are great at a poker face. I have learned, I am not. (Anymore). I also may not know some of you on a personal level, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want great things for you!

Am I rambling yet?

Don’t be afraid when a passion you have known your whole life is gone, there’s another passion you never knew existed waiting right behind it. Don’t be afraid to soul search, and don’t consider yourself crazy in the process. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone, you could make their entire day with a smile. Always know that someone is watching, and your character could reflect their considerations in life. Be the good, the world needs more of it!

Be kind always.

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