Contest and Giveaway Rules

The Teal Antler will offer a variety of Contests and giveaways throughout the year.


Each offer of a contest or giveaway will have specific rules for entry.  Some are no purchase necessary (Social Media Contest/Shares) , some may have limits (Shop and Shares for LIVE Sales, or Certain events) , and others may have specific requirements.  Please pay attention to the rules of the contest when entering. 

Example - If the contest requires you to Tag us in your facebook post, be sure to Tag us in a status or picture rather than posting on our page or group page.


Winners are always chosen at random!

Prizes in the form of Store Credit will be processed as a valid discount code only.  Regardless if this was an instore or online contest.  You must provide a valid email address.   The expiration of the store credit for giveaways will be within 14 days.  Please pay attention to the expiration date.

Prizes in the form of Comment Sold credit will be processed by adding a balance to your comment sold account.  You must be a registered user  The balance added is good for the Live event only (unless otherwise specified) and will be removed after 24 hours.

Prizes in the form of product and/or other material items, it will be the responsibility of the contest winner to either pick up the item and/or pay for shipping.  If you have an order ready to ship, then we will gladly add your winnings to your order at no additional cost.

To follow Contest, Giveaways, and Facebook LIVE events please make sure you are a member of our Facebook Group and have our App for your smartphone.