That “Do Not Disturb” button on your phone is for you.

You know what I hate more than ever right now? That I feel like I don't get private me time. You know what I mean? I know we all have the days we so badly just want to be left alone. Quiet time. Not having to answer to anyone outside of your home. Just to be. Just to relax. Just to not uphold any expectation from others.


Expectations like- “shit someone text me I need to reply”. No. No you don't need to reply, right then. Actually, take your damn time getting back to people. If you don’t feel like entertaining them, don't. The way people expect so much from a single individual is exhausting.


I love an un-plug day. I love staying in my bed all day, in my room, my sanctuary-alone. We all desire peace and privacy but we have built a world that prevents that. Everyone needs instant gratification and they need answers right NOW.

Ever notice if you don’t reply to someone right away, whether you are busy and miss a text, or you just aren't emotionally equipped to entertain their message, or ya flat out just don’t wanna talk- this turns into “are you upset with me”? “Did I do something”? If this is you- stop asking! Stop worrying why someone isn't getting back to you right away. I don't care if they are your best friend. We all need a break- and so do you, sis.


The world we live in put these cell phones in your hand and never took them out. People feel like they have 24/7 access to anyone at anytime. Shew, I wish we could change this for the better.


So, when you feel disconnected to the people in your own home, put the phone on do not disturb. Put it in a drawer. Enjoy the people who are first in your life.


I recently told Bryan (The husband) that I wanted to put a pin pad lock on our bedroom door. It’s our comfort, and our space. We share the rest of the house with our kids and sometimes our friends, but I don’t care to share my bedroom with anyone but him. I don’t need outsiders seeing whats going on, it’s no ones business.


My message here- Stop letting people think they can reach you at anytime. Stop letting people barge in on your peace. Once I am home for the day- I change into comfy clothes and I find something to get into in my own home that is mindless, but also a solo task. People are afraid to be alone, but I Crave that often. Don’t let people in who you truly don’t want in. Put your phone down & give the access to your family, you both deserve it.

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