Everybody's Doing It- You should too!

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

 Well, it seems as if everyone is doing it. In the current state of our country many people are trying new things. They are figuring out how to generate income. They are starting a small business. Isn’t that the best part of America? You can do that. You literally have the freedom to open a business on your terms, pick what you sell, decide on pricing- hopefully you decide well enough that your choices are profitable.

 The problem I’m struggling with is the lack of originality. I wish that to everyone who wants to start a boutique- they succeed. I also wish that they found a way to stand out. That they found brands that were unique to their taste, and style.

 Instead, I am seeing people doing exactly what the person next door Is doing. They are taking the easy way to success, or what they think would be successful. Starting out- I had to do the research. I had to put the work into finding brands, finding quality, and finding consistency.

 Protection of your brand is important. While community is real, your brand is who you are. Take the time to figure out what will set you apart. What will make you special. What will keep customers coming back for the 300th time. Trust me it’s doable, I have amazing customers who have checked out 300 times. It’s not because I didn’t work for that though!

 While I also like to shop at other boutique’s, I appreciate when I go to a Facebook page or website and I can literally see their style, I can feel the vibe, and I can determine the work they put in. They are their brand. They have a clear mission, and they are killing it in the business aspect.

 I’m not saying you shouldn’t start the business you want to build; I’m saying build it based on what you know, what you love, and dare to be different! BOLD is the new black- at least in my book! I love originality, and I know we are all capable of it.

So go chase your dreams friends, but make sure it's YOUR dream first! 

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