Fall Trends with The Teal Antler

What will you be Trending This Fall….



Along with cooler days and perfect evenings and of course every reason to drink hot lattes again, fashion transition is only the next best thing!  This Fall season we will be moving into refreshing our wardrobe with light layers , ( Cardi’s are our BEST FRIEND ). This will also allow us to repurpose some of your favorite summer pieces that can carry you well into season. We are all guilty of not wanting to let go of summer and holding on til the last moment, but maybe we can hold on just a little longer!


Wild at Heart..

PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS .. Snakeskin, Zebra, Leopard.. .Were trending this summer and are coming into Fall HOTT! These prints are daring, and instant style makers. No print is too much, different prints can be worn together as long as the prints are different sizes.  Prints can be worn anywhere head to toe. They can be more tailored for work or over the top for your next night out!

No Need to be Even..

From lopsided shoulders to dresses with uneven hems, even is no longer in! You’ll find asymmetric cuts on slouchy tops and sweaters for that oversized comfy look. Uneven hems on dresses allows there to be more movement and flatter all figures.  Think of it as the outfit version of intentionally messy, woke-up-like-this hair but ready to take on the day.

Oversize outerwear

Whether you’re buttoned-up, zipped-up or dolled-up, slightly oversize coats and jackets are THE go-to looks this season.  This allows you to have a look functional for work or play. Comfort seems to be KEY this season. No more being stuck in sweaters, coats, jackets that are restricting, we are craving MOVEMENT!


Denim Denim.. Skinny May be OUT..

Skinny jeans have been in, but aren’t made for everyone. This season we are trending out of the skinny and more to a boot cut or wide leg. Boot cut starts to taper about the calf. These go great with a pair of heels, wedges, or boot of your choice; these also elongate the leg for those looking to add some length to their figure. Wide leg jeans….. anyone else thinking 90’s??? These go great with a tucked in top to create shape . Again like skinny, wide leg isn’t made for everyone BUT coming out of our comfort zone trying something different we can be surprised as to what our bodies look great in and give us that extra boost of confidence 

The MUST HAVES to Accessorize..

Belts, Belts, Belts….

 Animal print, solid color, as long as the belt is thin you will fit in perfectly this Fall. Belts truly can be a staple piece to your wardrobe. They can alter an outfit and not only be paired with your favorite jean but, you can wrap your belt around your favorite dress or oversized top for a more gathered look. By doing this you are also creating shape for your body and can give the illusion of a waist or more of that hour glass figure.

Simply the Best

Dainty, Tiny, personalized. Whether this be a necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring… you can wear alone or all together but the look of effortless detail is what matters. Pieces that you can wear every day, without having to constantly change for every outfit are key.  Again, back to making things simple. Hoops are also back and can sass up any outfit. Hoops can be oversized and thin to misshaped and thicker… be bold .. go out of your comfort zone. The hoop can be scary, it can be flashy… BUT for a night out it could be the Perfect addition to your outfit.


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