From The Blind Side- A Lesson On Leadership

 I think all vacations should allow for self-reflection, but depending on where that vacation is kind of depends on if you’ll get that peace. Example- Disney world is not going to allow that, but the beach usually will.

 So basically, I can usually find peace while I’m sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash. I can look out into the ocean and realize how small I am. I can also look out into the ocean and feel like I can conquer anything.

 This year feels different for me. We are coming up on the three-year anniversary of the boutique. While it may seem small to some, its huge for the IT guy and me. We have busted our butts and are super proud of where we are in this very moment. At the very same moment I can’t help but think of the people who helped me. Some of them probably without even knowing. I think we all have people in our lives we look up to without them knowing, and I don’t think we always have to make it known how much we value them as a person.

 I think back to where I was two years ago. I know I’ve often spoke about when I left my state job to go full time with the boutique, which by the way was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. But I don’t think I have ever spoke on the best life lessons, leadership tools, and guidance I received while I was in that job.

 I took that job because in my line of EMS work it was the bread and butter of where patient care standards come from. It was the place you could go to learn, to lead, and to be a role model for EMS professionals all over the state of Maryland. I didn’t know how important it was to be a MIEMSS (Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems) employee. I found myself in a place that being a practical provider didn’t matter and knowing COMAR did. As luck, or fate would have it I started my job just as a new director was taking over. When I first heard the news of who was going to be my new boss, I was super freaking nervous. She was a mean chick, she didn’t take shit, and she didn’t care whose feelings she hurt. LIES! (she turned out to be a softy) LIES again (she is just the shit).

 Where am I going with this?

I learned how to lead from her. She taught me very early to keep my mouth shut until I pass go- which by the way two years in, and I was still afraid to speak up at meetings.

I learned opinions really weren’t desired when there were facts to back up an issue. I learned to speak up when you don’t understand, and to never question the process. I learned there are some sketch places in this state I would have never seen, and even more amazing food spots all over. She taught me to shut up and listen- but not so I could respond, but so I could understand.

 When I made the decision to leave that job, I was most worried about what she would have to say. Turns out she is one of my biggest cheerleaders, and I am so thankful to have been able to learn from her.

 I have a point, and at this point in my blog I can picture her saying “get to it”.

 Never be too stubborn to learn from someone when they want to show you the way. Never act as if you know it all, because they will surely show you in silence that you don’t. Take pride in every lesson you come across and know it is making you stronger. Every failure is a chance to build up your character. Accepting when you are wrong and learning so you can be right is life changing, and I hope you figure that out sooner than later.

 Last- Learn from those in front of you so that when your time comes to be the leader you are better equipped to do so.

 So, Lisa, thank you for the tough love, the great memories, and for helping me grow as a human- I truly am forever grateful, and I love you!

 If you made it this far in reading, stop and think who your greatest mentor is, and reflect on how they have helped you without much consideration of self-gain. Remember to pay it forward, someone is watching you to learn right now!

 Be kind always.

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