Growth, Change, & Appreciation!

We’ve talked a lot already this year about growth. Not just as a boutique but as people too. Starting with the boutique, what a whirlwind. Opening on Black Friday was so much fun and wether we were ready or not, we made it! It’s been a little over 2 months since opening the new store and we knew it would have its challenges but it would hopefully push us to be bigger and better for our customers! We never want to stop growing and you guys play a large part in that and we are so thankful to have this tribe behind us. We hosted our first Customer Appreciation Night, and let me tell you, how amazing. We didn’t know if a single person would come, but over 50 of you did. It was so humbling to see a room full of women, laughing, supporting one another, and just simply having fun. What a kick off to the year!


Any time you move on to something bigger and better, it’s scary. Change is scary. But change is necessary in a lot of cases, and it was much needed! It’s been so refreshing since moving, minus a few hiccups, but it’s so great hearing all the feedback we’ve received from our customers the new ones that have discovered us since!


So let’s talk about growth as people. We are always trying to better ourselves be the best version of ourselves. Us as women, especially wives, moms, daughters, etc are especially hard on ourselves for the wrong reasons. If we just focused a little more being the best version of ourselves, the rest will fall into place. Falling in love with yourself and getting a hold of your life is the first step! Scary right?! Seems so overwhelming. It’s possible though, it takes time, but it’s possible and so worth it when you reach that point! We hope this season that you fall in love with yourself again, because girl you are so worth it and deserving of that!


When you’re happy, the people around you are happy and the quote “your vibe attracts your tribe” really resonates with us at The Teal Antler because we try to hard to stay positive and uplift every one of you! Our tribe is full of amazing women, and we feed off your vibe as we hope you do ours!


Just a recap of the past few months and what we have observed since we moved. You all have always been so supportive and we can’t ever express how much we appreciate each and everyone of you! Maybe you told someone about us and then they told someone else, or you bought some Judy Blues and told all of your friends how amazing they were. It all matters the same to us. You support us however you want, we appreciate it all. ♥️


Growing means we are bringing you new & exciting things! This will be tantlers best year yet y’all, stay tuned for all the amazing things!

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