It's Fall Y'all! Let's talk fall fashion trends!


Here we are, first week of October already! Before we know it we will be finishing up our Christmas list, and perfecting our holiday decorations. Let's not jump right into Christmas just yet though! We have fabulous fall to get through first, and we want to be in style while purchasing items for the thanksgiving feast, and getting that Christmas list started.


So the question comes, are last year’s styles, this years styles? All this talk about trending, and what’s hot. I’m sure that like myself, most of you have items hanging in your closet begging you to wear them. Maybe you picked it up on the clearance rack at the end of the season, or maybe you HAD to have it as seasons were changing, but you never found the perfect opportunity to wear that piece. Then, all of a sudden it’s a new year, and a new style. Now our significant others are rolling their eyes as the packages show up at the door, or as you come home with yet another bag with new clothes. First of all, they need to stop that. We NEED to look good, and lets be honest, looking good makes us feel good. Simple logic, right? SO, as you start to browse the fall selections, which many of you have already jumped into with me, what are the hot items this season? What is truly trending? Well, I could certainly tell you what’s trending for The Teal Antler, but that would almost be a pointless article, because you all already know what’s flying off the rack the moment it arrives.


As I browse through Pinterest, or scroll through the Facebook boutiques (which I often do, I mean come on I love to shop too) I try to pay attention to what’s catching everyone’s eye! I am no fashion expert, and often get questioned about graduating from fashion school… WHAT!? I mean, I’m flattered, but girl I come from boots, and blues, and don’t know much! What I do know is what I love; you guys seem to also love (most of the time). If I were asked to describe my boutique shopper, I would probably say “simple”. I love simple, because simple means what? EASY! Sometimes we don’t have twenty minutes to stare at our closet looking for an outfit to throw together. That’s why I love simple. Skinny Jeans with ANY top from the boutique. Throw it together, and you are out the door. Things that are trending for The Teal Antler right now include, elbow patches, stripes, boat neck tops, distressed skinny jeans, camo SO much camo, cardigans for days, and anything else you can layer!


While searching the trend reports, because I try to do my homework for you all, I found that most trending items are things we’ve already carried, or continue to restock! YAY! That means were in style this season already! Some other things I came across were the new wrap sweater style. This style is super cute, and you’ll probably see it in the boutique sooner than later. This style has a sexy, yet business appropriate look to it, all while leaving some comfort to those of us that have a little extra in the belly. This style typically falls loose, and is spacy around the mid section.


The Boat neck top! DUH! We already knew that! This style allows for a sexy look with versatility. The boat neck can typically be worn in multiple ways. The hot, “drop a shoulder” look is perfect in this style. You can also pull down the neck around both shoulders to show a little more skin, or pull that sucker up, and wear it to the office during the day. Any way you wear it, its cute, and fun! We have offered a lot of tops in this style so far this season, and I don’t see us stopping now!


Lets talk about the animal print. You either love it or hate it. Either way, every few years this style creeps back in on us. Whether you’re rocking a wedge bootie with cheetah on the heel, or a bold cardigan, that style is everlasting!


Can we take a second to talk about the oversized look? Personally, it was never something I preferred. As I see clothing modeled though, and try it on myself, I am starting to love it. We can all agree that there are just some women who can pull any look off, but this style allows the woman who may not feel as confident, work the look, and kill it! If you think you’ll look sloppy in the oversized trend, you are wrong! You can do it! You are beautiful!


Let talk layers- this topic could be an entire blog all in itself. WE LOVE TO LAYER. Why do we love to layer? Simple, it just works! You can literally throw a cardigan, or duster over any outfit, and its adorable. You want to wear leggings with a shorter top, but don’t want to show your bum, you throw a duster over it. Dressing for chilly mornings, but warm afternoons? You throw a cardigan over it. You need to dress up the look just a little? You throw a cardigan over it. You know this vest is all the talk this season but it wont be enough by the time the sun goes down? You throw a hoodie under it. All while maintaining the illusion that you put a lot of thought into your outfit, and you are a put together woman. Girlllll we all know we don’t have time for that. Literally, any season, any look, layer it, and kill it!


One last item I’m going to touch on for this blog, because I’m probably loosing you by now, CAMO. I freaking love camo. I know, I know some of you have told me, you hate it, it’s not for you, or you look ridiculous in it. Then, you try it, and guess what? It’s freaking cute, and you love it! Get up with the trend, girl. Camo goes with everything! You are welcome!


When it comes to accessorizing this season, the cross body bag is in! Anything olive, mustard, burgundy, and navy are in. If you’re not much of an accessory person, you can be. Listen, I can’t figure out a scarf that I have to tie or fold, but I can easily throw on an infinity scarf. It’s literally no work, and you’ll be sure to catch a few compliments. Throw on that wedged bootie, or those knee high boots with the leg warmers, and you’re set. You can go anywhere, and you’ll be turning heads, and getting women’s attention, because YOU ARE HOT!


Listen, I know I’m coming off a little pushy here, but you can pull off these styles, and you can do it with confidence! Step outta that comfort zone you’re standing in, and get to trending girl! That’s the best I have for now, I hope you can find your favorite fall style with us at The Teal Antler. If we can’t get ya in the fall, we will catch you in the winter!




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