Wawa Vs. Royal Farms- Everyone is Side Hustling!

So, here I sit on the balcony at the beach. I was reading a book on the beach. Feet in the sand, chair close to the surf, and boom- a big ass wave hit me. While I tried to scramble to protect my book, because I still prefer a paperback that I can hold in my hands, and flip the page, something else hit me.

Maybe it was a series of issues, or events that occurred in the past few weeks at the boutique. Or, maybe it was just the simple fact that I realize everyone is after their own goals, dreams, and desires. Sometimes someone’s desire is to straight up piss you off. Oops… There I go already. For real though- I am aware there are one hundred million other boutiques out there. I am currently focusing on mine though.

 I want to run a scenario by you all, just to put things into perspective for where I am headed with this. You’re driving down the road in the morning headed to work. If you are anything like me, you don’t know you need gas- until you need gas. You prefer Wawa coffee to Royal Farms coffee, but you’re 10 minutes closer to the Royal Farms, and it’s on the side of the road you are traveling on. You are crunched for time, so you decide to suck it up, and get your gas at the ROFO, because its just gas. While you’re filling up, you head in and grab a cup of Joe. Do you really want that ROFO coffee? No, but you feel as if you need it. They have hazelnut creamer, so what the heck- it will due.

 Same type of scenario, but this time you ran out of your favorite mascara. I’m not talking about what you pick up when you are at target. I am talking about your favorite direct sales brand. Your best friend sells it, but they don’t have any in stock, and you happen to be in a Facebook group for the same product, it just isn’t your best friend selling it. However, they have it in stock. You can literally pay now, and meet for a pick up by the afternoon. So, for convenience you message this person, and boom- you have the product in your hand.

 NOW- did you just piss your best friend off? Do you tell them you already got the product? Or do you bite the bullet, and buy another damn tube of mascara to keep the peace?

 I have been in direct sales, a million different ones it feels like. So whether you pick up a side hustle for the extra cash, or because you want a discount on a product you love, you need to remember your why.

 I think its super cool to support other small business owners when I can. What I don’t think is cool- is having people constantly play off the two business owners to make them feel as if they are in competition for your business. This could be a hair salon, a photographer, a direct sales consultant, a restaurant owner, a boutique owner, a nail salon, and a small coffee shop. This list goes on.

 If you are in direct sales, or have ever owned a business, and reading this- my guess is you are saying, yesss, all the yes’s. You feel me.

 If you have never owned a business, or been in the direct sales world, maybe I am opening your eyes to a different perspective.

I think it’s awesome that as a consumer you can literally shop wherever you want via Google, Facebook market place, amazon, wherever. Like- WOW what a world we live in! I always want you to find the best deals, because I also like a good deal. I also want you to understand this world before you take the time to tell us you can get something cheaper elsewhere.

 Just as a boutique owner- No, I don’t just sell clothes. I don’t get to have off work whenever I want. I don’t just have a side hustle, and not a real job. This is a very real job, with the same real money you make. I take several hours, days, and months to pick out what I want to sell. It takes time to find vendors who have a quality I love. It takes a lot of work to create relationships with vendors we carry, and it’s all done with my customers (You) in mind.

 Frankly, when I see a top I carry on another boutique for a few dollars less than what we have it listed- I say to myself “freaking awesome, they are moving more volume, they are ahead of me, and that rocks for them”. Then, on the flip side I will see a boutique with a price a little more than what I have listed on the same item. I wonder where they are located, who their target customer is, or are they just getting started, and still trying to figure it out? You know what’s super cool about my business? I can pick every piece out, and most of the time come up with my own cost on items. I base this on quality, what I would pay, and consider my buyer as well. When you shop with me, and my team you are provided with an experience. One that Amazon can’t, and wont give you. We want to get to know you, your life, the things you love, and the things you hate. We want you to grow with us, but understand convenience.

 Take home- When supporting small business owners, or something you would consider a “side hustle”, remember they are working super hard to fulfill a dream, a personal goal, or a lifestyle for their family. Even if we sell the same thing, we aren’t always competing.

 Wawa has better hoagies, but Royal Farms has amazing fried chicken! We are all good at something, and we are all different too!


Be kind.

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