Charlies Project

Charlies Project - Leggings for a Cause has teamed with Pretty Please Boutique to carry on their mission!!  Below explains what Charlies Project is and how it helps!  We appreciate your support in our mission to support those that give back and to help us do our part in giving back!!  

Created by Charlies mom to bring awareness to autism & down syndrome on behalf of 6 year old Charlie. The mission is to support organizations with proceeds from purchases of Charlies Project products. We donate 20% of profits to select charities. Plus our Hugs Collection benefits children's organizations directly with a sponsorship through 

Who is Charlie? Charlie is an energetic, fun loving 5 yr old who loves trains, water & running around in the park! He was born with down syndrome and later diagnosed with autism. With your support we hope to raise awareness for several organizations with Charlies Project!

Charlies Project established in 2012 to raise awareness for Autism, Down Syndrome & other Causes. Privately owned & operated. Charlies Project - Leggings for a Cause is trademarked. Artwork Designs copyright of artists and copyright purchased for licensed use and printing. Designs may not be reproduced without prior authorization.