It’s Easy To Judge & Even Easier To Assume

I know I have said the phrase “life is funny” more than a time or two when dropping my feelings and thoughts in a blog. It just seems so appropriate in many different scenarios in the business I am in. I can imagine even outside of this business it’s still fitting to your life as well.


3.5 years ago, I started this journey I knew nothing about. I was opening and running a boutique in a world full of LuLaRoe. There was so much unknown, and so much I literally knew nothing about- hell I am still learning so much each day.


In the beginning it was easy to assume that anyone who was trying to do something similar to you was the enemy. Assuming that they are watching your every move. Assume that everyone is a copycat. How silly. Of course, we would have similar styles and brands, we were literally all shopping from the same platform. We were all just trying to figure it out.


Then all the comments began. I would say “he said she said”, but it was more like- “she said you said I said we all said”. What a mess that can be. Learning that no matter what you say or do someone will change it to benefit the conversation they are having or impress the person they are talking to. I will never understand some peoples thought process, but it’s not up to me to figure out why people do what they do. I did learn that it was up to me to step up and try to make peace with something that I didn’t totally understand. The disconnect can be very hard when you sit back and listen to what people say, how they say it, and what their meaning is behind it. I do know- mostly, when people say things, they don’t totally understand the effect it can have on someone, or the person they are saying it about. Sometimes people will react to a scenario without understanding what actually went on.


As we get older, we become wiser… I mean, at least that’s what we are told. It’s a challenge to learn what to listen to and what to ignore. As my business grows, I find myself saying more and more “they are just young”.  I say this every time I hear reactions from my girls about different things.


Becoming wiser is one of life’s best blessings. You begin to see what really matters, who really matters, and who you really want to be on your side or have your back.


Having a working relationship with other business owners is another one of those “best blessings” in my very own opinion. We all face very similar things and having someone who can relate to you is comforting.


Shelby (Aspen Lee Boutique), Staci (Stevie Lynn’s Bowtique), and I got together for a fun photoshoot after we came up with a fun t shirt design that promotes all three of our businesses. While we had so much fun with the pictures and loved our t shirts, it was really about so much more. It was a chance for us to celebrate us, our growth, our friendship, and how far we have come. I’m proud of us.

The best advice I can give anyone who struggles with image or intimidation or being afraid of the person who is doing the same as you is break the mold. Have hard conversations, talk to the people you have an uneasy feeling with or about. Odds are they are feeling the same.


I am thankful for this journey, and the people who have come and gone with it. A lot of things happen without wanting the result you end up with but having an open mind about why- will help you better deal with the curve balls thrown at you.


Be kind, friends


Photo cred Rachel Carey Photography

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