It's Hard Out Here

Ain’t one thing pretty about anything right now.


I’ve busted my ass to build the dream. Live the dream, and and build your empire- they say.


Then, suddenly.

A new year hits and all kinds of shit goes wrong.


You are flourishing, you are growing. You open a brand new store and build it from scratch. You bring in a formal line with well known brands. This formal line includes a bridal line. We were now the only bridal shop in Cecil county. We went to our first bridal expo and we booked over 40 appointments. We sold wedding gowns from new York to New Jersey to PA and MD. People brought their closest loved ones to my shop and let myself and my staff help pick out the gown for their biggest day.




Ive never been so humbled.

Ive met so many amazing families, brides, mothers.. maid of honors.

This time last year my dream was to turn Elkton into a formal wear shop.


Then, we lost a lot of inventory and money at Rising Sun

Then, we had to close Elkton due to rent cost and other issues in town.

Then my husband catches a bill from the VFW that we can’t afford but gotta pay.

Then… I could go on, but it really doesn’t matter!


You know why? Because we all have our own shit, but we don’t  all have an outlet. So, if you need one I can do my best to help.


Fast forward to today, and I’m holding onto everything as I watch it slip through my fingers, no matter how tight I hold. Ive done everything that I can think of to offset the economy. Ive changed every single aspect of how I run the boutique. Ive been forced to switch up brands, and I’ve been cussed for not having brands. Ive gone back to work part time on the ambulance to help not cut payroll…but none of this is relevant to your life. Why do I say this? Because I know I chose to open my own business. I decided to grow my brand during a pandemic. I decided what to spend on inventory.


I made those choices, and you chose to shop with me. Thank you so much for shopping small, and shopping loyal. Some of you took a chance on me and didn’t even know me. Some of these same people are the most influential people in my life. Some of my closest friends, and some that may not know how much I look up to them.


Im not throwing in any towels, but I am really looking for the good… 


When you shop small because you googled who has Judy Blue, and we come up- we cannot wait to meet you, we want to help you find the perfect fit and style, but we are not TikTok. We are a small shop who started from my bedroom. I built my group- one by one. And I am so thankful to each of you. Especially the ones who have always been a supporter.


A little light into all my side jobs- BECAUSE so many of you insist on telling me what I have time for.


You know- When I ventured into balloons, it was because I couldn’t afford to buy them anymore. I needed and wanted them for so many things we did, but I couldn’t understand the cost. Well, someone punch me in the face. If you have attempted your own because of this same issue, you know. Anyway, I got half ass- ok at it. So people would ask me to do stuff- which lead to people saying “make this a business”. Well, I’m an Entrepreneur, somehow. My brother and I are the same, but that’s another story. So I made a Facebook page. And I got Better with each job. I decided my joy in this was the freedom to create, on my own, without anyones input.  People recently, ask if I still do balloons.. I do, but I think my purpose with it is to spread simple joy. I want to do balloons for events, and or causes.. and for a meaning not a dollar. Do you all have any idea how many people will hate you over a new hobby? If you feel guilty right now, it’s you, sister. So, let it go.


Clearly- Hopes and dreams don’t  pay the bills- so how do you build a tips only business? (PS I am working on it)



I realized I lost sight of my vision. I lost sight of everything.

I became someone I didn’t know. I say this because, I didn’t come from a family who used brand names. Other than Dodge, Jeep, and Eagle. I didn’t know shit about fuck. Or whatever.  I knew that my childhood was the best time of my life and that if my parents were struggling I never knew. I played outside every day. I learned to shoot a bow and gun. I learned how to build a tree fort. I learned the river. I learned animals. I learned how to make do with what you have. I learned that no matter what the day brought, we ate dinner at the table every night- together. You didn’t belch at the table, and you asked to be excused. As a kid, it was so stupid. As an adult, I am so thankful I was taught all of these things.


What am I saying?

What you think is the most terrible time of your life ever, is a time you often wish you could go back to. Even if it’s just 5 minutes.


BUT- Life doesn’t work that way, as far as we know anyway.




As far as everyone knows, you are killing it.


All this time, it’s killing me.


When the world goes one way, and you try to go too… well your reminded of simple lessons your dad taught you.


You make your own way. You make your own tracks. You beat the path yourself.


And on the way, someone’s gonna come along and try to mess up the path.


They will try to re direct you, they will cut down parts of your path to try and confuse you.


They will come after you like a wolf, but never face you as one.


They will hope for your failure, out of envy that they will never admit.


They will talk about you.

They will talk about your family.

They will place you in a category without even knowing you.


They will hate you.

They will throw dirt on your name.

They will throw parties when you are hurting.

They will gather whomever to join the hate.



Then, when they see you out and you say hi first, they smile and say it back.


Be the bigger person on the hard days.


Be the badass when you have to.


Im not burning any more bridges, but I will shut down the access.

Im gonna be nice, but I’m not gonna take any shit. - New podcast name.


TTA is feelings the struggle, stick with us!


PS real life notes, this is as personal as it gets!

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