Why it’s so important to shop small- not just now, but always!

Hey guys, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately about just about anything you can think of. It’s a crazy world we live in, and who the heck knows what tomorrow holds.

I wanted to pass along a message from the heart about shopping small- especially this holiday season.

Basically, if you own a small business right now, and every day can be filled with anxiety, if you allow it. We don’t know when the next sale will come in, you don’t know if your sales will be enough to cover your employee cost for the day, but you really need your team so you’ll figure it out.

This year- every time someone walked into my shop, sent an email, Facebook message, text, whatever it was- about a donation or helping out with a cause I said yes. I said yes because my motto in life is to do something for someone when you can, in hopes that if you one day need it in return someone will do it for you.

We sponsor anything we can, and without question. I am a small town girl, and I know the small towns need those sponsorships.

I just want to remind you this season that when COVID shut the world down- target and Walmart stayed open.

Target and Walmart didn’t sponsor your kids little league team, and they didn’t pay to be on a score board at a local high school that helped pay for new uniforms for your senior.

They stayed open, they ran business as usual, and us small guys took the hit.

We took it, and we figured it out. We continued to show up on the hard days, and on the days when we weren’t sure we would have one sale. Guess what though? We made it out once. I just hope we make it out again!

Imagine if your child signed up for little league and they didn’t have a jersey to wear because all of the small businesses who sponsor were out of business.

The things we may not think about everyday are things a small business owner considers every day. We always want to give back, we always want to help, and we always say yes. We don’t want thanks, and we don’t need praise. What we need is for you to tell your friends about us. We want you to stop in and say hi. We want to know how your family is, and we want you to know we truly care.

So when shopping this holiday season, consider how to give back to the little guys who always show up for their town.



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